Frequently Asked Questions

o Where’s my meter?

o How do I sign my agreements?

o Do I need a solar production meter?
 Yes. PNM requires a solar production meter.

o Do I need a utility accessible disconnect?
 Yes. Section 17.9.568.15 of the New Mexico Administrative Code requires a visible-open, load break disconnect switch between the generating facility and the utility.

o Can my solar meter be in a different location than my billing meter?
 Yes, as long as the location is approved through a meter variance.

o How much does a meter variance cost?
 A meter variance will cost $80.

o I already have solar, but want to expand it, what is the process?
 Insert link to expansion requirements and information

o Why would I need a transformer upgrade?
 The transformer will need upgrading if your inverter exceeds 65% of the rated capacity of the transformer. The New Mexico Interconnection Manual limits the total generation capacity on a transformer to 65% of the transformer’s rated size. For example, a 10kVA transformer can have no more than 6.5kW of connected inverter capacity.

o Do I have to pay for the transformer upgrade?
 Yes. Section 17.9.568.14 of the New Mexico Administrative Code requires that the cost of utility system modifications required for interconnection shall be paid for by the interconnection customer

o What is rated capacity?
 Rated capacity means the total AC nameplate rating of the inverters at the point of common coupling (point of interconnection).

o Can I fast track my application?
 No. Section 17.9.568.9 of the New Mexico Administrative Code requires the interconnection applications be processed in the order they are received in order to determine the cost responsibility for utility system upgrades necessary for interconnection.

o Why does my service address need to match the electrical permit address?
 Permits are kept as records of fact in case they are needed in the future. It is very important that the address on the permit matches the customer’s service address. We cannot accept a permit if the addresses don’t match.

o How do I update my PNM service address?
 Contact PNM customer service at 1-888-DIAL-PNM to start the process. You will need to contact your local building authority for an affidavit of the correct address to be sent directly to PNM.

o Do I get paid for “selling electricity” to PNM?
 Yes if you are in the large PV program, any excess generation will be bought at Rate 12 (
 Yes if you enroll in the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Purchase Program.

o What is a REC?
 When you produce renewable energy, that production can be certified and sold to PNM in the form of a Renewable Energy Certificate, or REC. When PNM purchases these RECs generated by customer owned solar generation, it can help PNM meet it’s own requirement to produce renewable energy in the State of New Mexico.